What we do

We believe that creative content is key for success in every business, whether it’s telling people who you are, showing off a product, online adverts or showcasing compelling testimonials, Hype Films can create the content your business needs to stand out in the noisy digital world.


Compelling and creative adverts are not merely limited to big brands as our in-house creative team can develop the perfect advert for any brand.


We are brilliant at creating the perfect visual showcases and aerial imagery for houses to hotels and everything in between.


We make incredible cost-effective automotive films showing the unique features of anything from car and motorhomes to yachts and private jets.


Allow customers to truly get to know your product before they buy with one of our stunning product features and benefits videos.


Nothing is more powerful than a beautifully simple recipe video to help sell finished products, ingredients or even pieces of cooking apparel.


The world is getting smaller and if you are not shouting about destinations, attractions and lifestyle with video you are missing the boat (pun intended).


We do more than just video

Hype Films can do a lot more than just create awesome video content. As a creative team we can help your business produce inspiring graphic design, craft perfect brand strategy, develop online and offline marketing collateral and we even have an in-house social media guru who will take your content and share it with the world.

Offline Marketing
Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Online Marketing
Brand Strategy

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